Cultural events

Among the cultural events that we offer every semester are various café events, movie nights and game nights in order to get together on a relaxed afternoon/evening. Another popular event is the bike tour along the 100-castles-route with the castle Hülshoff as our destination, named after the famous German poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff. In order to learn more about the history of Münster during the Nazi time we visit the museum Villa ten Hompel which was an office of the Ordnungspolizei and is now a place for remembrance and democratisation.

We also visit a local farm and distillery where we can taste some of the freshly brewed liquors. Furthermore, a pub quiz with interesting questions about Münster, the German culture and more is part of our program. We also offer crash courses in typical German dances like Disco Fox and Waltz in order to present them at the International Dinner, or a Bachata course for the Latin lovers. Small trips include a visit to a beer museum as well as to the Gasometer in Oberhausen which regularly hosts exhibitions attended by millions of visitors from around the world.

In the winter semester we discover the various Christmas markets of Münster together with the exchange students and taste some of the specialities including mulled wine of course! We also pursue the tradition of baking Christmas cookies and have a Christmas themed Stammtisch before the winter break.

In the summer semester, in turn, we make use of the good weather and offer some outdoor activities with lots of flunky ball and other games. At the first of May we join the festivities around the center and the Aasee and spend a day full of fun and good time together.


Sport events

Our sport activities contain diverse offers in and around Münster. Every semester we organise a canoe tour on the Werse, a river close by. We also go hiking in the Teutoburg Forest, a popular and easily accessible hiking destination north of Münster.

For the team sport lovers we typically host a badminton, football and beach volleyball tournament with cool prizes for the winners! Lastly, in the winter we offer to go ice skating, often for those who don’t return home during the winter break.



Our program includes various organised parties, e.g. the Welcome Party during the Welcome Week or Afterparties following the Pub Crawl, the Running Cocktail Night or the International Dinner. We also host a Christmas party in December as well as a huge farewell party at the end of each semester. Aside from that every exchange student can receive free tickets to a club in Münster which guarantees free entry every Friday and Saturday before midnight.