Main events

Along with the Buddies’ Night and the Fun Rallye during the Welcome Week we offer several highlights throughout the semester. This includes a Pub Crawl within the first few weeks where we stroll through the bars and pubs in the historic center (Altstadt) of Münster.

Around the middle of the semester we organise a Running Cocktail Night. Everyone teams up with one partner and over the course of an evening each team is the host as well as is hosted in little cocktail parties with 3 other teams that last about one hour. After that every team continues with another cocktail party at the next location. At the end of the evening every team has met new people and tasted delicious cocktails!

Another highlight towards the end of the semester is the International Dinner. It is a festive evening where all exchange students add a typical dish from their home country to a large buffet. With black-tie and an elegant champagne reception, a professional live band, a festive award ceremony for the best dish and much more, everyone spends a great evening together.



Not only do we offer events in Münster, but of course we want to show the exchange students a variety of destinations in NRW and Germany. Everyone’s favourite trips are the weekend tours to Berlin (winter semester) and Hamburg (summer semester), two of the most popular German cities. Over the course of three days we discover the cities and their sights and lead the exchange students through an extensive program that includes activities suited to everyone.

Among day trips we offer tours to the NRW capital Düsseldorf, the Drachenburg close to Königswinter (a famous Western German castle with a beautiful view over the Rhine), over the Dutch border to Amsterdam and Enschede and much more!